Armor / weapon transmogrification suggestion

Will Funcom consider the possibility of some type of armor transmogrification system in the future? A lot of amazing artistic efforts went into creating some of the armors and weapons in the game but nobody wears them because their stats no longer suit the need for late game. It is a shame.

Yeah, I also know it from Diablo3.

Would be great to have it. And it would be the better solution, to get every stat on every armor (also cold or warm).
But it should also be like in Diablo3: You cannot transmog a axe to a 2h sword. Only for each type. Same with armor. Only in same weight-class.

One of the oldest suggestions there is. Though it is one of those that become more and more relevant the more DLC (and other) weapons/armor pieces that are added.

Why restrict armors to the same weight class??

because of pvp

If you are on pc you can use my mod fashionist:

and armor type lock is also one of the feature toggles

Easier to implement?
And to not “fool the enemy in PvP”? So they think you run around in light armor, when it is in reality heavy armor.

So sad it doesnt work on consoles… Bohooo

I specifically wanted to use a Darfari armor for myself and my thralls.

Fashonist does not work with thralls.

I hope Funcom can make it happen one day.

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