Armor weight class rebalance

Goal: Establish a clearer difference between different armor weight classes

Use actual weight of armor pieces rather than a static weight class classification. (Heavy/Medium/Light)

Using the 3 tiers of Vanir armor as an example:
full set of
Heavy - weighs 85.06
Medium - weighs 55.12
Light - weighs 15.76

From the weights calculate a stamina multiplier that is applied to all activities that require stamina. (climbing/swimming/attacking/sprinting/etc…)

[Armor_Weight/(GRIT+10) + 1]/2

So someone with 20 in grit would see the following:

Heavy Vanir: [85.06/(20+10) + 1]/2 = 1.9 stamina multiplier
Medium Vanir: [55.12/(20+10) + 1]/2 = 1.4 stamina multiplier
Light Vanir: [15.76/(20+10) +1]/2 = .8 stamina multiplier
Naked: [0/(20+10) +1]/2 = .5 stamina multiplier

Full Godbreaker weighs 153.09 [153.09/(20+10) +1]/2 = 3.1 stamina multiplier in this example.

All of this has the added benefit of making Grit a more desirable attribute.
Encourage mixing and matching different weight class pieces.
Mounts would also be more appreciated by players in heavy armor.

I am by no means saying this is fully balanced and not in need of tweaking. I just wanted to generate
discussion on making the different armor weight classes more meaningful.


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