Armored Pen seems to be broken


We have built two level 3 armored pens and neither works right, or we dont know how to work them.

  1. how do you put the critters inside the pen? The blinking doors are locked.

  2. The hit point values for the level 3 pets are the same or less than the level 3 pets.

Our Queen sand reaper and greater saber tooth are 8200hp, just like the level 2 greater Hyenas, crocs, rhinos, snow wolf, dont think I left any out.

  1. The level 1 and 2 pen you can keep (store) the pets in the 5 slots. The level 3 the steel gates are locked, no way to put any in it.

2)I have 6 greater hyenas, 1 greater croc, a greater snow wolf, all are level 2 sized pets at 8200 hit points.
The level 3 pets I have a Queen (greater) Locust. It should be 21000 hit points when made in a level 3 pen. It is only 8200 hit points like the level 2 pets.

I use the tier three pens only and I’ve had no problem dragging baby pets into the pens. I have also removed adult pets from the pen into my inventory and then returned them to the pen.

I’m not sure if I’ve moved a pet from one pen to a different one … so perhaps the issue.

I have never had a t1 or t2 pen … so perhaps it’s an issue transferring pets tamed in those pens into t3 pens.

Perhaps it’s a mod or platform specific issue.
For reference: I am playing on a PC official PvE server …

Not babies, full grown pets. The baby maker works fine, except they are not level 3 hit points, only level two.
We play on an official server, with no mods.

Does anyone store their grown pets inside the level 3 pen?

The level for the Pen you have to have at a minumum has nothing to do with their actual in game adult level. My guess, without any fact checking, is the each level of pen needed is based on the normal HP of the animals.

Level 1 pen list can be tamed in all 3 levels of pens
Level 2 pen list can be tamed only at T2 or T3 pen.
level 3 pen list can only be tamed in a T3 pen.

All animals have 3 possible outcomes of adults… the normal, which will have varying “low” HP, a mid level with varying higher HP, and then the top level, or “Greater” version. these will all have the highest HP at 8200. The Demon Queen Spider is also supposed to be a rare god like you get from spider eggs, but it is right now only available with admin command, and has 35000 HP.

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Jens said in another post that they removed the tier level taming requirements from the pens & pets upon release to live … that is any baby animal can be tamed in any tier animal pen. He said the only difference between pens now is how many hit points they have and appearance. (Which I wish I’d known before making mine all t3).

Cant believe the game misinformation out there. Conan is starting to be like Starfleet Battles, the addendum book was bigger than the rule book.
Yes a paper game reference, before the dark times, before the interweb.

Thanks for the info, I will tear the worthless lvl 3 pen down,and use the 2 as I have been.

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