Armored pet bin

Why are stone foundation not counting as ground anymore when trying to lay an armored pet bin

They do, you just have to make the area bigger

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I found that to place an animal pen I had to sink it into the foundations deeper than the default height it sits at when you first click on it to bring it out to place.
Generally part of the steps need to be sunk under the foundations before the game registers it as having contact with the ground.


From what i remember we figured out that is is a 10 x 12 wide base.
This leaves room for foundation walls all the way up, and placing ceilings to enclose.
I usually put down the 120 foundations (10x12) and then the lining to insure i place the pen as close to the back wall and align in the middle. And also you will have to sink 2 or 3 clicks.


As far as i recall, you can actually remove the outer base after placing the pen

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