Armorer Steeltoe Epic Flawless hyena armor Doesn't have 2 bars cold resist


Armorer SteelToe -

I farmed for armorer Steeltoe in DesertDogs Den For 5 days 6 hours a day till on the sixth day he spawned I was so Excited ( I live near bridge of the betrayer where its super cold) to get the armorer that does Epic Flawless Hyena armor Its been my favorite since way early access when i got Legendary the armorer .

However His Epic Flawless Hyena armor does NOT have 2 bars of cold resist per piece and i was heartbroken this is the reason to get a Special armorer it gives no more cold resists then the pieces you can easily loot of the DesertDogs Bodies …time not well spent… Plz Fix this

  1. Farm the Desert Dogs Den Endlessly for up to 25 hours or more straight
    2.Finally knock out Armorer Steeltoe
    3.Drag him to the Wheel
    4.Get super excited waiting for him to break
  2. Put him on Andvanced armor table
  3. Go into a deep depression when u see the cold resist of the Epic flawless has same cold resists as what you can loot of the Dead Desertdogs .
  4. Rethink your life and all the hours spent camping the Armorer

Hey @Riotfactor

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback.
We’re going to send your heads-up to our team so they can look into it.

it’s happens with a lot of epic flawless armors with a exception with DLC armors. khitan, yamatai and
If you craft a epic flawless kambujan/stygian you don’t have 2 point of freeze/hot protection, if you want this protection you need craft epic flawless khitian captain or pictish wizard, etc…

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Yes, hyena while a very pretty armour, was never an armour for the extrem cold.

For that, still Vanir, or like said, the khitan one, for those owning the dlc. Hyena gain armour with highter version, but no more cold resistence.
Like i understand the OP, it’s more the look researched here. Privat server could use a mod allowing this. A choice, like still.

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