Armour should tell you what bonus trait it has

Instead of having to look it up online the armour we want to build should have “bonus encumberance/vitality/strength etc” I think this would help when crafting armours


I’m surprised this hasn’t been adjusted yet. I also find it annoying that you don’t get this information until you’ve crafted the armor. The same applies to food for thralls and pets, why is there nowhere in the game to read which attributes are boosted by which food?


At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, it’s because Minecraft became successful despite having to look everything up in a freaking wiki, and other devs and publishers saw that and said “sure, why not cut that cost out of our game”. And they got away with it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could argue because of it. The discovery of hidden lore and recipes is what drives survival games…it’s not super cool weapons and armor but figuring out that eggs are harvestable with picks and other WTH moments we all enjoy.

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Honestly, I could agree with that if we were talking about any game but Minecraft. It’s fun to discover hidden lore and recipes, when there’s some element of discovery other than sheer trial and error (or reverse engineering of the game’s innards) :wink:

Agreed I run around looking for a thralls that have a specific boosted armor type. Since I can’t remember. Once 3.0 hits We should make a note book.

There are literally hundreds of places Conan Exiles needs additional information to help players navigate and enjoy the experience. Funcom used the classic “We want to let the players figure it out for themselves.” argument to justify not adding extremely basic GUI features.

Essentially a new player will have to struggle to figure something out once. Then be inconvenienced by it for the entire rest of their gaming experience. It’s just a lazy way to not spend time, resources, and money on developing a better GUI.

Luckily, they just touched on this topic in the dev streams these last couple weeks. They hired a GUI guy who, hopefully, will have a field day and touch up everything that needs touching up.

Conan Exiles uses a GUI from the stone age, ironically. Hopefully they change this now that they expect to have more funding.


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