Armours permanently lost their physics in single player after the servers went down some days ago

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: N/A
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A
Mods: N/A

Bug Description:

A couple of days ago the servers went down for a while. I joined my single-player game and unequipped my Bazaar armour, which I lost access to because of the offline mode and couldn’t equip it again. So, I equipped another one instead as a temporary solution and the physics stopped working. I thought this would be fixed after the connection issues, but it’s still like that and happens with every armour.

Bug Report Conan Exiles - Clipped with

Bug Reproduction:

It’s a bit complicated since this was caused by that temporal server crash, but it was something like:

  1. Join the game and create or open a single-player game
  2. Equip a Bazaar armour
  3. Exit game
  4. Enter the game again but don’t log in to the online services
  5. Join the same single-player game as before
  6. See how your armour looks grey just like when you don’t have access to a Bazaar item
  7. Unequip armour
  8. Equip other armour
  9. See how the armour lost its physics

Edit [25/10/2023]:

I’ve given up trying to find a solution. Recreating my character didn’t help, so I rewrote the existing world by creating a new one. Now the physics have finally come back, but I’ve lost all my buildings :c

I wish I could’ve waited for a solution, but I want to participate in the Yogtober contest and wouldn’t send a glitched picture for that.

Admin teleport out of render range of your base, unequip your bracelet. Or summon your favourite avatar. Physics should return to normal

Did all of that, plus ALT+F4 after taking off the bracelet or even change the quality settings when just about to spawn, hoping that textures are reloaded which I thought would fix it, but nothing worked

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