Army building strategy regarding upcoming nerfs

Hi all,

I’m currently training an army on pvp official Exiled Land and I can’t decide in wich thrall I want to invest my solo player time.
My plan is to build a long term army (base defense) that won’t get nerfed in a couple of updates. I just don’t want to do it all over again after a nerf.

I haven’t leveled any Teimos because…Vathis the Hierophant. And even tho nothing has been said about nerfing Teimos, I don’t want to take any risk.
Same about T3 bearers wich would be my go to if it was not a bug meant to be fixed someday.

And here’s what I’d really like to know : When the nerf will hit them, will it apply only to thralls placed after the nerf or will it retroactively sqash my leveled T3 bearer’s HP ?

I’ve got a few T4 bearer stashed, so with that question in mind, should I level them now hoping they’ll get the T3 bearer HP/level ratio once it’s fixed or should I wait for the update before placing them ?

RHTS are a good investment overall but they take so long to level I’m looking for a faster alternative.

I’ve got a couple of lvl 20 Dalinsias but I’d like to replace them once capped because they’re too squishy and their damage don’t even make up for that anymore. They’re all around 8k HP with 1600ish armor, 87/39% Telith’s Lament but they’re very vulnerable to bleed and poison thus I favor RHTS and bearers.

What’s your thoughts about the upcoming thrall’s nerf/buff ?
Any chance they make Dalinsia great again ?

If you’re on official. I’d be more worried about them eventually flipping on the thrall/follower limit.

Volcano thralls, if you want an army tough as rock only volcano thralls is your answer and this answer will never change. No matter how many nerfs this game will have, Spinas, Daicas, (kitchis or something like that) fleshtearer and (Eri I think) the ravager, are fighters of great value. Their balance is fantastic but the first 2 are very difficult to find there for they are the best of the best, especially Spinas. But keep them lvl 19, do not make them 20, warden or deadeye will come to destroy them all the time :wink:. Since you want them for pvp lvl 19 is the key. Volcano has e excellent archers too, the most common is Host the venomous, she is good, really good, but Anos is the best, really rare however. These are thralls with great value, all the others are kittens.

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Why would I be worried ? (genuine question).

I’m aware about the thrall limit and always keep only 55 placed followers at max.

Oh thanks a lot for that input ! I’ll gladly give the Volcano thralls a go and see how tough they get with my training. I had a couple of Daicas way before the leveling system and lost them to the elevator bug :sweat_smile: never thought of getting them again as I was really happy with Dalinsias before the thrall nerf. Also keeping them at 19 is a great tip I never thought of.

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