Arrange bags / slots

A button to clean up inventories / stacking items in inventories would be neat :slight_smile:

You can already arrange by weight and name

It would be even nicer if it was able to remember the order you set.


I’d like to take or to put ALL stacks of stone or leather for example, cause I’m tired of clicking every stack of it one by one (((


I’d like to put ALL stacks of the same things there are already in the container.

  1. Containers. If there was a drop down list inside the container which you could set to let’s say “stone”, then give all would only allow stone to go into that container as it is set to stone only. You could have “any type” in the drop down and all items would go inside. At the same time the label you gave automatically goes on the outside of the container [like the large chest] with a server option to disable the label if need be [for pvp].

Crafting Stations could make use of this too. For example a furnace being set to stone would allow give all to only deposit the stone. It maybe doesn’t need the label but if you changed it to steelfire it would only allow for steelfire to be deposited. Switching it to iron bars would allow you to drop those and then begin making steel. The drop down list could be changed on the fly!

Taking from the crafting station should be the same, by selecting “steel bars” the fuel, iron bars and steelfire would stay.

  1. Inventory show not arrange. In your inventory you should have a drop down list of things you want to see/show out of all the things you have. It should be a single harvested resources type, so you choose “stone” and that’s all you see and if you “give all” that’s all that goes out of you inventory. If it was set to “harvested resources” the list would still be large sometimes, but would be better than the current situation [moving things back and forth sucks especially in volume].

Building pieces could be all pieces you have constructed, which would be very useful for building and you could still build without showing stone, wood or the like. And that’s all you’d see until the drop-down was changed.

Placeables - would include beds, dishes, banners, lights, etc.
Consumables - would include fish, potions, food, drink, and the like.
Tools - would include all tools
Weapons - would include all weapon
Armors - would include all armor
Show All - for everything

  1. Feats or Recipes. Should only show by type so there should be a building pieces, placeables, crafting stations, tools, weapons, armors, convert resource [silk, twine, etc.], and a show all.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: My 3 cents…


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