Arreat Summit [PvPvE][No Gods] New Central Server Launching 6/14/18

Arreat Summit is a Fresh Central time lag free server hosted with the best specifications possible.

The Server itself is a Vanilla (No Mods) Server

The Server wipes every 45 Days

The Server is paid for until June 2019

The Server has No Gods.

[Server Rules]

*No Racism / Toxic behavior

*No Exploits (Instant perma ban)

[Base Rules]

*Full Base destruction is ok

*No building Under the map / deep inside terrain (clipping through mountains etc)

*Do NOT block resource nodes

*Building inside points of interest is ok ONLY if it can still be discovered by others

Discord (Still working on getting it more ogranized)
Direct Connect ( Ip and Port )
Mode PVP
Region America
Players 50
Vac Protection Yes
Items in inventory are dropped on death Yes
Anyone can loot player corpses Yes
Harvest Amount Multiplier 1.0
Experience Multiplier 1.0
Thrall Conversion Multiplier 2.0
Item Conversion Multiplier .5
Thirst 1.0
Hunger 1.0
Restrict PvP Building Damage On
Building Damage Weekday Start 18:00
Building Damage Weekday End 21:00
Building Damage Weekend Start 11:00
Building Damage Weekend End 23:00
Clan Max Size 6

Sounds neat. I will be trying this server out for sure!

P.S. Loved Diablo 2!