ARROW damage exploit

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less than 3 mins to take a safe down with poison and fire arrows
3 jars and then arrows in less than 5 mins for a vault?

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Quoting the cheater

  1. You put arrows on your hot bar
    2.and you can frie,switch fire switch
  2. but your a scrub
  3. Then as he ran away, he ddosed me so I couldn’t chase him, the way he ddosed me before he attacked. Break down of time, after ddos, looting, and to get all the loot.

I was wondering this myself the other day. We got wiped by a similiar clan “123” (is this like the goto for cheating now, just give up any hint of using a name) and the just cut through layers of T3 walls like it was butter.

I had at the time just assumed the sound was glitched or something because the speed in which they took out t3 was as if it was t1.

Next time use light attacks to gover the ground to get the hit, then heavy :slight_smile:

Good to see you’re not using CAPSLOCK this time :slight_smile:

There was a bug on testlive that allowed damage from arrows to be increased to very high levels. This bug was caught and fixed before the 2.1 update was deployed to production.

Maybe there’s some other way to trigger this bug that was never reported and not fixed.

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I close and hide this one