Arrows that apply bleed debuff - is it really necessary? (Asking for opinions)

Then u just buy some friend to play with you

Why would that ruin pve experience? In pve u fight monsters, so bleeding is a good extra for that.

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That may be a bit too adversarial way of putting it. PvP has as much right to exist, and express their opinions and wishes, as the rest of us.

And I don’t feel that my experience has been “ruined” by PvP, or by Funcom because they cater for PvPers. I felt the pain of the Lifeblood Spear nerf, and I’ve expressed my opinion on that matter on these forums, but until it gets fixed back to a semblance of usefulness, I’ll find other ways to heal myself and my involuntary companion NPCs. No matter the game (or real world situation), being able to adapt to changes in your environment is a pretty darn useful skill.


I do have:

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oh yeah, missed the part where u said archer was a player. Yup no cover from them, just hiding if your lucky.

What i saw was using the lack of equip meta spear guy get trolled down by someone with a new toy. Can’t feel sorry for those that use bombs and quick swap to do animation canceling in melee. Sorry.

We happened to run into the best PvP clan in Conan Exiles.

Karlabear, wellu, Greenie, Wonderk1d, Zyrk, etc.

yes its normal to have diversity in a game and weapons with different effects which give different strategy. and it’s also normal to be killed especially when you are in inferioty.

and this now the first time since 2 years that archer can have some luck to win in pvp, there is strategy to counter too (not when 1 vs 5 of course, but 1 vs 1). so that normal and no nerf to do.

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The worst thing about them is the fact that they named them “firespark” arrows…only for that kid firespark to turn around and make videos of exploiting in this game. Which by the way is against the Funcom rules and ToS.

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