Artifact skills lost on Xbox One X

Hi. I am playing on Xbox One X, where I got the game free on Xbox Game Pass. … I guess I am almost over with the game (currently in the Forbidden city) and I realized one thing. … I purchased artifact skills called Ranger and Butcher (among others). Hope that I am not mistaken with the name. Basically that all attacks have +1 damage and that I should have +10% on critical hits agains humans. … But those skills are not “visible”. … They are highlighted, like the icon of the skill in the pub in the Arc, but the description text gone missing. … And also, in the game I realized, that my attacks are not making any +1 damage. Also, that my +10 critical chance is missing. Because when I start the attack, I can see my critical chance calculation (like high ground, being hidden etc.), but my +10% against human is not there. … And I have to check, that if this is also applied to the same +10% critical vs robots, as I have also unlocked that artifact skill. But for that one, the description text is present.

Unfortunately I cannot tell if this was happening from the very moment when I unlocked the skills, or after some later event i the game. I wasn’t checking that, sorry.