Arucane Curio Cabinet

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: ‘none’

The Arucane Curio Cabinet has a smaller capacity.
Once an item is taken out, it cannot be put back in.
Arucane Curio Cabinet is a billable item, so downgrading is not allowed.
Fix it quickly.

This was an intentional nerf, to bring it to parity with other storage containers of similar cost/size.

The curio cabinet is a battlepass reward, not a “billable item”.

Arucane Curio Cabinet is not available for free.
This is a paid reward.
Many people have spent money just for the large capacity of this item.
Downgrading later is the same as fraud


It is not fraud, I would strongly urge you to read the game’s EULA before you try to peddle armchair legal

Didn’t we get this from the battle pass?

No it’s not, but it’s unfair surely :confused:

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We can’t get most of the battle pass = Crom coins without paying the initial cost.
Those who don’t feel that the Battle Pass is paid may be misled by the way the Battle Pass works.

Many more players will be disappointed if they deliberately downgrades the paid ones later.
I want Conan to live a long life, so I’m hoping that I’ll be disappointed less often in the future.

Then that is their own fault. And if that upsets them, then it is hilarious.

No where was it advertised that the cabinet had extra slots. This was information people heard from a ‘buddy’. If they thought you could get an advantage and got burned… well good. They should.

If that was the intention, it failed utterly.
The premium item in question has a significantly larger footprint than storage items with larger capacities.

~end response, remainder is a stand alone musing~

A company that maltreats it’s paying customers is one people should stop giving money to. If one is in a jurisdiction where post purchase devaluation of digital goods is illegal, they should begin the appropriate steps in seeking redress. This one would suggest opening a new ticket directly with Funcom first. Request a refund of the Crom Coins used for the Battle Pass and a removal of that passes items.

In this particular case, Funcom has instituted a pay to lose solution, whereby this item that cost extra money to acquire (paid only section of the Battle Pass) is worse than the included in base cost of game equivalent. This is disingenuous.

They also opt not to include details that are pertinent about the premium items they are selling. Like an actual inventory slot size, or what base game item the cosmetic is equivalent to. Some people will cry foul, and note that this is deliberate. That they don’t list the actual stats of an item specifically so they can go back and devalue it later. That seems a bit of a reach to this one… But the decision to not include details is still irksome. Troubling when it comes to post purchase nerfs.

The only way to give an expression of displeasure meaningful impact is to close the wallet.
This one finds this (and other) issues beyound the threshold of tolerance, so this one is closing their purse and will not be making further monetary expenditures on this game until better practices manifest.

If enough people close the wallet, the game will either sunset or the practices will change.

With Dune on the horizon, this one expects a sunset rather than actual course correction. But it’s either that or continue paying money for the quality of product and service provided.

The Curios storage capacity should be raised to 45 slots; consistent with its counterpart.

This one would also suggest it’s footprint be shrunk to be at least comparable to the regular cupboard.
As is, it’s cluck off huge for how little space it has, even if it did get bumped up to 45.

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I agree. I feel it should be essentially a reskinned cupboard. Same footprint, material cost, storage capacity and health points.

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