As a Admin is it possible to spawn/place a Bountiful Treasure in the world?

As an Admin I would like to spawn/place a Bountiful Treasure in the world.

So far I’ve only figured out how to use the Admin Panel to spawn a Bountiful Treasure in my inventory, but that results in an essentially unusable Bountiful Treasure. Instead I would like to be able to spawn one in the world, that works just like it does when you find one. Picking it up results in groups of NPC coming to attack you, etc.

So I’m wondering if spawning a Bountiful Treasure in the world is possible, and if so how to do it.

That limitation is just on the admin panel. You can make a mod to programmatically make it rez where you want.

A mod is outside my skill level (I think I tried downloading the mod kit at least once, it was surprisingly huge!). I’m hoping I can somehow accomplish this with the Admin Panel or console commands.

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