Ascension RP-PVP [Modded, Recently Wiped]

Our Vision:

Ascension RP-PvP is a server created to accommodate roleplayers of all levels of experience. Our server lore is rooted firmly in the traditional Conan lore, and we aim to create an environment where players can pursue areas of roleplay that interest them the most. This is done both through admin driven, server wide plots and regular events, as well as more personal player driven roleplay stories. All of this is supported through our selection of mods, plus the development of our own in-house mod to allow us to tailor gameplay to suit our players’ suggestions and requests, including unique character Roles such as Devout, Rogue, Artisan & Mystic.

Server Information:

  • Located in the United Kingdom (London)
  • 70 Slot Capacity
  • 2x Gather Rate
  • Voice Chat: Off
  • Warps: On
  • Avatars: Off
  • Purge: On
  • Decay: Off
  • Kits: Emote, Starter, Exclusive Patreon Kits

Our Mod List:

  • Pippi
  • Emberlight
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Unlock+
  • Fashionist
  • RP Aesthetics
  • Savage Steel
  • Sexiles
  • Emberlight Lament
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Savage Steel II
  • Warrior Mutator
  • Ascension

Mods on our server are carefully tested and considered, we only use mods that add to the Roleplaying experience and do not degrade the base game experience.

Mod Collection Link:



Ascension uses the vanilla game lore for all its in-character and in-game justifications. For more information please visit our Discord server lore section!



Direct Connect:


I’m loving my time on this server, and the AOC mod is an amazing addition. People are friendly, and it’s nice to watch the server/lore and RP grow!