Asheron - PvE TestLive server Better Dodge & improve QoL - North America


I have a fairly new TestLive server “Asheron…” that is running TestLive code and now open to everyone. Only a few players on, with very little land claimed, so tons of space to call your home. Being TestLive, we will always get the newest patches and be part of the bug hunting process. Having mods makes this a little more challenging, but I firmly believe the QoL the mods bring, makes it a much more enjoyable process.

Server is strictly PvE. I have combat at slightly harder than vanilla, but tweaked a few other server settings to our benefit, such as slightly faster leveling, less stamina drain from actions, less craft materials needed and quicker crafting. The minor increase in combat difficulty is to offset the advantages we gain from increasing levels beyond 60.

Server mods currently active and tested with the Mounts/Thralls update are:
Mod order:
880454836 Pippi
1273074761 75% more Women
1629644846 Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
1273419074 Swift Elevator
1437122734 Jungle Building Set
1928978003 Northern Timber
1579057391 Stygian Building Kit
1855055876 Arena Pier
1369743238 Less Building Placement Restrictions
884162441 LitMan Item Stack
1268176328 Stun bow
1673617274 COOP Boss HP
1553322363 All Weapons Glow
1657405542 AG mods Lethal Arrows
1316788362 NoBodyHair
1880611358 Animal Taming Cage
1488578417 Strays Clock
1383365330 NoxUIChanges
1797359985 Hosav’s UI Modification
1832183322 Half Stability Cost Roof Pieces
877108545 Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
1381070879 Stabilize Camera
1394768794 Immerse RP Building & Placeable
1956978585 Reworked Dodge
1672911637 Fence Gates

Added :
1437122734 Jungle Building Set
1928978003 Northern Timber
1855055876 Arena Pier

Added Pippi for easier server management.
No thrall limits.

Added in Fence Gates, the Reworked Dodge for more fluid dodging and Immerse, for all the sweet placeables it provides