Asia RP server PvE Conflict - lifetime

Exiles, this land is under the watchful eye of Goddess Asia.

(She is a lifetime server and does care with your properties built - no wipeouts)

Recommended for new and solo players. Veteran and clan players are welcome as well. (Clan - 5)

Fresh land ready to be claimed by exiles arriving early inside the ghost fence. Claim your first land.

The Exile land of Asia is Barbaric but exciting, and respect is the number one quality you have to possess for survival.

Expect the unexpected during your travel with enough length of days and nights for better game immersion. Ready your bonfire during the night with your friends but be ready for monsters lurking around. Can you keep an eye on everything during the night like the God Jhebbal Sag does? or are you going to dominate the land and the arena under Mitra’s sun with your battle cry?

Perfect rate of experience. Will you be poisonous like the God Set do? or are you going to become a formidable monster like Yog?

Nudity is not supposed to be favored by Goddess Asia but Goddess Derketo wants it. (Nudity ON)

Asia smiles for those who respect each other in battle with proper consent. Those who wish to live peacefully should be respected and will earn the protection of Asia. Will you be a Battleaxe wielder like your God Ymir does? or would you rather pray to Crom inside your little hut in peace and watch the sunset with the love of your life? The choice is yours.

These lands will ofcourse also find the strongest warrior(s), may it be inside the arena or outside, may it be an active warrior or a passionate peasant with a love to protect. Tournaments will be held for those who want to test their efficiency in weapon wielding. What is your strongest weapon? What is your strongest style of fighting? Archers and Hunters, will you rise above the others? or will you stay weak?

Goddess Asia does not favor one side and does not do friends but she recognizes Lords and Kings - So what will you be exile?

Weapon durability is longer than the default.

Woods, Oils, Fuels that burns longer. (x2)

Avatar on with proper rules and usage. The Gods does want to participate after all.

Don’t forget to visit Goddess Asia’s chapel on 3F of your map before venturing further for her blessing and guidance.

She watches…

Direct server connect - steam://connect/