Aside from the bonuses, what is survival good for?

It seems like all the other stats add to your killing ability in some way, even outside of the milestones. Does survival make you hungry and thirsty less often?

Survival affects the rate at which your hunger and thirst gauges decrease, as well as affecting your natural resistance to the weather, allowing you to withstand colder and warmer climates easier, it will not reduce the damage you take from extreme heat and extreme cold though.

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Okay great, thanks. Seems like vitality is more useful to me at this point then.

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Tier 2 of survival also let’s you harvest nodes at twice the rate.
It’s best accompanied by full Encumbrance build.

With stone, wood and fiber stacking up to the thousands, you can get 10,000 of each in an hour if you find a high density stone and wood area.

A popular early game strategy of mass grinding is to get 2 stone picks, upgrade them with tool mods, then repair one, while using the other, and alternate, all the while being surroudned and actively gathering the mats needed to repair those picks.

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