Ask not what FC can do for us rather ask what can we do for FC

I did. Two of them. The first being the suggestion you now say you have.

A console testlive’s whole purpose would be to report bugs though…

I would participate in that. It would potentially improve patches and they may perform better upon release. I can dig it. It is only when patches go live, and often enough perform opposite as intended, do the surprise bugs affect players negatively. Some players have had a complete loss, others cannot locate a server, some lose item stowed in containers with abnormal decay timers, others lose thralls under meshing involuntarily, FC policy is such that nothing will ever be replaced and the players have to account for loss due to bugs. If i could have some capability to contribute to minimizing the negative impact from the patches, prior to the impact, then i would participate in that.

Thanks for the valid suggestion. Cheers

Hey @WeWantImprovements

Thank you for willing to improve the live environment of Conan Exiles. As a player of our game, we recommend reporting bugs in the appropriate sections by following this template.
You can also help us improve the forums by not submitting the same threads repeatedly with slight variations or flooding threads with off-topic short messages.

If you still feel that is not the level of change you could provide to the game, you can also check our job openings as we are actively hiring at the moment.