Asking for a clan mate

This is a silly question because I have been playing so long. But 2 of my clan mates needed an extended break.

I used to see there map markers and now I don’t. I went to out clan bases and I can’t find their bodies.

I know they are returning.

What happened to them?

I know they are still in the clan as they are in the roster.

What happened to them. I assume they are not wiped as they show in the list.

Ant ideas?

their bodies despawn after being inactive for a while. they will show up after they log back in.


Yep, this. Once they log off, their bodies stay in the game with name and everything visible. After a while (or server restart?) they still appear, but only marked ‘unconscious’. Finally they go poof, until they log back in.

Thank goodness. I was worried when I could not find them. Was like…Noooooooo!

Any idea on a timeframe of when they go “poof?” I have a clanmate on vacation right now, and am curious…

Around a week…ish? Maybe? Haven’t paid too much attention to be honest.

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I can tell y’all tomorrow. I have a clan mate on vacay right now, been about a week.

Mine were 2 weeks there and then gon2 if that helps

somewhere between a week and two. Have taken a break myself before and a clanmate stopped playing a few days before me. After I stopped playing we were raided. I woke up dead and naked in dessert when we returned months later (totally expected this) but my friend had his gear.


This little gem of a patch brought me back, i’m sad again many patches later that these improvements are basically gone. Same lag that ran me off then has returned. Final straw then was New Asgard invisible NPCs. Went to black galleon last night and they’re back.

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