Asking for advice about item store

Hi all,

I just get some funcom points to buy something useful in items store. But I have some doubts about what is the best option for my lvl 20 explorer. I see in the list a “bloodstain pack” (or something similar, i don’t remember well) for 450 and 3 different “hoax” packs for 180 each one. I have 600 points to spend, I could buy 3 hoax pack or one blood… pack but I don’t know what I will receive with it. Can you give me some advice about this please?.



Do you have the expansion, mainly “Rise of the Godslayer” and “Savage Coasts of Turan” already? If not you should definitely buy those instead of the hoards which are simply looboxes that mosty drop bad stuff such as one-time-only items that you can’t sell or have any big use outside of being a thing to toy around with (morphing into some Gurnakhi or Ymir person for example).
The good stuff you can get from these boxes is very rare, so rare that it’s almost useless to buy them so I would advise you to spend your FC points for something like the expansions if you do not have them already.

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