Aspect of the Goblinoid is BUGGED?

The buff on the stat page says:


ARMOR increased by 50

But it additionally increases your damage by 50%. This looks wrong.

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Try to be more clear please. Are you suggesting it is bugged, and if so, how? What looks wrong about it, the fact that it adds armor, or adds damage, or adds both? Are you questioning whether or not it’s doing what it says it’s doing? You posted under feedback, maybe you are suggesting it’s too powerful, or not powerful enough. It is unclear. :man_shrugging:

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Either a tooltip is missing or it’s doing too much (aka the 50% damage increase is not intended).

It says “Berserker’s Protection” not “Berserker’s Rage”.

It should trigger the fifth perk in STR “Berserker rage” while you are food poisoned. But @AxeIsAnnoying shows that either the wiki’s description is wrong or the game messed up the helmet, and gave it the wrong effect.

You actually gain both: 50% dmg increase and +50 flat armor

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are you sure it does damage?

because i’ve tested it with the buff and not the buff and the damage dealt was the same. that was about a month ago when I tested it.

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Yes, I also had 50 Strength. I can make a video to demonstrate it.

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