Assets and treasure still losing stability and disappearing after replacing nemedian foundations

Crafting stations, thralls and treasure statues by coffer disappearing even after replacing nemedian foundations with Turanian. Pvp official 2578 . Treasure is gone after taking time to walk it all the way back to base. Also stuff kept disappearing literally all day yesterday I logged in most of my stuff was gone. Everyone got disconnected from server , log back in more crafting stations and storage chests and fridges with animals gone. Server disconnected again everyone in server got kicked and came back and literally all my bottom crafting section is gone a long with storage thralls on benches ECT plus treasure placed by coffer is gone as well. It would be nice to be updated about the situation. Literally a whole month of my time is waisted plus money I have invested into the game when it’s literally unplayable at the moment also stamina can be infinite while running and just keep running happened y6numerous times yesterday chasing people around the exiled lands already exploiting ot

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