Asylum of the Outsiders empty chests, no final boss, no final chest with Sigil

I pretty much put it all in the title. I play single player, so it is not a case of others got there first. I have gathered all the Sigils except the one from Asylum of the Outsiders. Most of the chests in the vault are empty (only ones that have anything at the two behind the chest that should drop the Sigil.)
Previous bug of the spiders duplicating themselves like hydra has been fixed, but still no final Spider boss, and still no lookt in the big chest that should contain the sigil. If the smaller chests are empty, doesn’t really bother me, it is the big one at the end where I should be getting the Sigil that bothers me.
I don’t think there is a mod conflict, but I am running Pippi, Shadows of Skelos, and Immerse RP.


I do play singleplayer too and i’ve had problems with empty “boss” chest or missing boss in other Vaults. So this probably isn’t problem only with this one Vault.

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Have you tried it without those mods, to confirm?

It happens on official, Si its Very conformed, and happens in all the vaults randomly

What happens on officials has been reported and documented a lot, but this looks different. I play online on officials and have several Outsider sigils. Mercury is reporting that they play in single-player, but with mods, and they haven’t been able to get an Outsider sigil at all.

Happens frequently on Siptah #1654 as well

I have had this issue with the smaller chests in all of the elder vaults. I just did Den of the Wolfmen and the final chest at the end was empty so I got no Sigil from it and it is the last one I need.

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