At what point is a (benign) glitch a sin?

Take auto-sprinting.

Funcom has provided us no utility for auto-sprinting, just auto-running. Considering a vast portion of our experience is often running endless kilometers, it was incumbent on me to find a way to induce the auto-sprint. This frees me up to check Event Log, chat with people and sort my inventory.

There are a few ways to make this happen, but I don’t think they are what Funcom intended. I really want to make a video sharing this QOL tip, but I don’t want to break the rules.

When does a glitch or exploit turn the corner and become “something unintended?”


I believe it’s on the way you use things, not just the usage. Even simple building can become annoying when someone plays only for him self ignoring all the others and the performance of the server. Some builders use glitch to create wonders, some others use this right to annoy. This is in all the glitch of the game I suppose :man_shrugging:.


Well the rules say
Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience through reduced server or game performance.

By that definition, a glitch that doesn’t give you an unfair advantage isn’t a bannable exploit (unless your auto-sprint impacts server performance).

However, I think there may be a difference between using a benign glitch you discovered and teaching other people how to do it. I don’t think you would be banned or the first, but the second is a bit more iffy.


Oh that’s good. Like the adage “your right to flail your arms ends at the tip of my nose.” I will think on this a bit, thanks!


I agree with stelagel on the morality of the situation; context is king - but there is also a more pragmatic angle to consider. It is less about what you will choose to do with the glitch, and more about what potential there is for someone to abuse it. I can’t think of what danger auto-sprint could pose, but I am not devious enough for PVP :wink: If there is potential for abuse inherent in a glitch, then I would expect Funcom to come down more heavily than if the glitch is only capable of benign effect. Adding to Tephra’s point, I feel like this might be one of those times where it’s better to ask permission than risk consequences for something well-intended.


Its one of those… if everyone knows it, and uses it. Is it really issue then.

I always picture back to weapon/animation cancel in ESO. Its not stated anywere in game how to do it…(outside players) And is well known.
Its a clear advantage to those who don’t use it.

But game devs could never really fix it, and kinda embraced it.

I’ve triggered the infinite stamina one a few times. Along with over weight running/sprinting. Both clearly abusive.
I’ve trigger a stick to sprint once, (well twice in one go) And thought… wow, we really need a toggle for sprint on and off. XD


Sometimes you just have to let loose. . .

2021-10-16 21_48_27-Window

Tell us.


lol JJ I would but it’s more of a visual thing. Rather hard to describe. The way I have been doing it looks really janky, so I’ve been experimenting with ways to make it look less fonky. When I’m showing people my gameplay they’re always like “why are you doing that” and then I’ve got to explain to them it’s a way to run fast while being able to do other things.

Of Schwag and Honor

Recently I have been a television reporter for CBS, but I’ve also been an actor, and to me there’s often little distinction at the totem or desk, as a head speaking to you. I started off as a print reporter, and while in school for my degree in Journalism was offered an internship. It was Hamilton, Ohio, former gang stop for Al Capone, and still looked every bit the part.

I was leased to City Desk right before they hired me full-time, and one night the tenured template-writer was off sick. It was a rough part of town, I was driving a 76 Chevy van in the 1990s, looking tumbled and disheveled like I oughtta. We got a story, and it was a whopper. In Hamilton, you’d see a set of homes right next to a small Used Car lot, right there in the footprint of an old home. One of these lots was being damaged almost nightly. In fact, the whole neighborhood was being somewhat traumatized by a rash of violence and vandalism.

My story hit the A section, rather than being blotted up into 8 column inches. It raised awareness, and a Community Watch formed. Immediately, the dealership sent me a present. It was a beautiful bottle of Chianti in a gorgeous, expensive gift basket. When it arrived I looked at my Editor and he said: “if you don’t go home with that, I’m taking it to my wife.” So I did. Somehow it didn’t affect me, or make me easier on car dealers. But people have eyes.

Funcom offered me a title long before this one, called Hand of Mitra. I miss it. It felt right. I earned this title separately, and its great honor, but I have already purchased all of the DLC and always will. Thus my objectivity is really down to the character I display, daily, here, elsewhere and on mah channel. As I end my dry spell of vids, I didn’t want to start on a foul note. You all have given me a great deal to think about, and so I thank you!

TLDR: In writing, podcasts and videos I have tried to maintain a rather reportorial or journalistic approach to my coverage of Conan Exiles, from the perspective of a massive consumer of it. And while I have accepted titles and boni, my intent is to continue making content that asks no permission. That said, consideration for the playerbase and the overall effect of my actions should outweigh any QOL benefit.


An excellent analysis of the importance of objectivity (and the appearance of objectivity) - and to be fair I was thinking far less in terms of your potential role as a trusted source for info, and more about the possibility of negative consequences for you as an individual. It is definitely an interesting juggling act - for any praise you might offer to the game to be viewed as reasonable, your ability to criticise must not only be unhampered, but must appear unhampered - and that latter is far harder to ensure. I’m glad we could offer you some thoughts, but I don’t envy you the decision, even on something so seemingly benign. However, I’m confident that you will do the right thing (or at least what you believe is right - which in the end is all that can really be asked of any of us) :slight_smile:


It’s the sin of gluttony to eat a whole cake.
But you can have as much pie as you like…
…Because the sin of Pi is always zero. :wink:


When it comes to abusing it when you use a maproom (yes this is currently done by players), it IS an exploit IMO.

You are supposed to stand still when teleporting.

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