Atlantean Sword + Royal Armor DLCs FOR SALE! (Request)

it wont be taken away from u… u still got it for free and still will be able to craft it… as for rarity…meh
its sentimental reasons this item has value , and not rarity…
the sword costs 4.89 euros if u do a casual search on google… do not have any illusions upon this…

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I never said that…
Only said owner lose rarity, something unique they have as a reward for the early submitters…

Um, I bought a PS4 day one edition physical disc from my local second hand game shop for $10. I now have the sword and the armour. I don’t care if they make it available as a DLC but I also kind of don’t understand why people are saying it’s so hard to get.

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PS4 is not the platform we all play on.

Yeah but Ragnaguard plays on PC. If this is true, that’s about what I paid for the physical disc.

So the codes aren’t unique? I would have figured a second hand store copy would h as be in the code already used.

Maybe they never used it and I got lucky :man_shrugging:

I didn’t buy it for the code, I switched platform and didn’t want to pay full price all over again considering I’d bought the game and every DLC on Xbox. I guess when I switch to PS5 I’ll know if the code is unique or not.

Idea…how about putting this as a delving recipe? If you find a sword or armor, you can delve the recipe. This gives the exclusivity and allows in game learning/sharing.