Atmospheric deco

Lately I have been using one of the fuming caves on Siptah as a small base and with the green fumes its really pretty neat.

I was thinking about building floor pieces that give off a atmospheric gas effect like the fuming caves that we could add to our bases.

I would add a lot for effect to our bases just like the fuming cave.


You should come around my house after the family Christmas dinner, plenty of green fumes around then!

Don’t even get me started on Brussel sprouts. :nauseated_face:

On a serious note, the idea sounds great, you could do the same with the corruption effect (that we already see in the game, like around Obelisks) for those of us more magically inclined.

You could have a book lectern for example with a book open on it and corruption emanating from it (maybe even a few intact pages from the book of Skelos)

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@the cannibal what u want is existing, but nto on the official servers, its found in the modder scene, and on private servers. with the mods wich can do that…

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Time to bring it to the official servers

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