Attaching ceiling pieces to stair bottoms

I’m experiencing what I think is a bug related to placement of ceiling pieces at the bottom of stairs.
The issue I’m having is described very well in this post by @Larathiel but it was auto-closed with no replies, dev or otherwise.

The only difference in my case is that I am seeing this in Single Player. Was this issue ever resolved? Is it really a bug or did they do this on purpose?


Its a SM collision issue looks like. Might be done intentionally for various reasons. But will report what I see in the dev kit to the appropriate people. Thanks.


I was wondering if this would get any attention or not, glad for the mention. BTW, what does “SM” mean in this context, static mesh?

Ya, Static Mesh. There are several different game mechanics that tell the game whether or not something can be placed or socketed to an item. In this case, the thing blocking the ceiling is the actual static mesh collision, which is used in other instances like how a player’s character physically interacts with an object when running into or over it.

The last time I saw something like this that made me raise an eyebrow, it was done intentionally for a certain reason that I wouldn’t have ever thought of. There’s a couple of ways to fix this issue though, but neither should be taken lightly.


Yep, this happens in my Solo game too. Made building long stairs from top towards bottom a serious pain.

So, this is marked solved because it “might be intentional” and “static mesh issues.” I don’t fully understand static mesh issues but I’m guessing the intentional bit means that it’s part of that fix for some exploit. I wasn’t trying to exploit, I was just trying to build a staircase from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top. That’s not the normal way of doing it, sure, but it doesn’t seem like an exploit. Is there a chance we might get a fix that lets us build staircases downward again, whilst still preventing whatever exploit this was meant to prevent?

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I’m with you, Monkey. Sometimes it is hard to determine where to start when building bottom to top, since there is usually something that has to snap together at the top. It becomes quite difficult when adding stairs to the inside of a ‘round’ tower.

On the other hand, I would rather have that problem than the server crash every 5 minutes because of exploiters.

Middle ground somewhere, perhaps in the next patch?



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Middle ground or waiting is fine with me. I’m just never sure on this forum if stuff like this is ending up on actual bug list somewhere or, if things that aren’t top priority today get forgotten tomorrow.

There’s a Trello board where the devs list issues that are being researched or worked on, but not every little thing makes it onto that list, so I agree that it can be hard to tell if something has been acknowledged. Generally though, if a dev has commented or liked a post with relevant info (as @Ignasi did upthread), then I take that as an acknowledgment.

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