Attack Commitment & Other Suggestions

I think it would improve combat and make it alot more skill based if funcom made it so that when you attack you cant just sheath your weapon away and instantly pull it out or dodge to break the attack animation and safely correct any mistake with out being punished. It just makes for unnecessarily long fights when players just cancel every attack that they know they cant follow up on allowing them quicker recovery and makes it much harder to punish mistakes and rewards just throwing random attacks instead of skill.

As a side note cripple is nerfed way too hard right now, even with out 20 encumbrance you can just run away from most attacks making cripple near useless, and if you do got 20 encumbrance well might as well be immune to cripple cause almost nothing at all happens to you. This is also contributing to the needlessly long fights when there is no punishment for getting hit by a cripple or as stated above just canceling attacks.

I would also love to see stamina regen point by point instead of in huge chunks like it is now, it would improve the flow of combat and make choosing to attack or dodge much more important.

And last but certainly not least, would love to be able to see last sheathed weapons on your body. It just a really nice feature and just cool in general :stuck_out_tongue:


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