Attacked while loading

Xbox/USA/online/gameplay issue?

So not sure why this is even a possibility but it’s happening. I use the map room to teleport to the swungle (N-6 on the map) and by time the game loads I’m half dead from being attacked by a panther. Think it’s kinda lame you can be hurt before the game is even loaded. Also at the sinkhole (H-6) my lady was attacked by an undead hyena or whatever those things are. Lucky I was there and shot it to death. By time her game finished a loading in she had less then 1/8 health left. If I wouldn’t have been there she woulda loaded in dead. This really needs looked at and fixed. Should not able to take damage before the screen has loaded.

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This has happened to me also at the most eastern obelisk in the swungle and the obelisk at the sinkhole I actually died at the swungle as I was loading in by a panther and was able to kill the undead hyena by the sinkhole but I lost about 50% of health by the time I loaded completely in and was able to fight back this does need to be fixed

Oh and I’m on Xbox Official pve server 2504

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