Attn: Funcom - A plea regarding open lootable benches in Official PvP

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [US / All]


In case you are having internal discussions about whether or not to permanently lock/disable the ability to loot other players’ benches on an Official PvP server, I would like to make several points for your consideration.

  • Part of the PvP / survival game is to make it on the terrain, resources, and other players that are available to you. This includes taking advantage of resources that are unprotected, or not enclosed. If this is too harsh, there are PvE servers and private servers available where the locking of benches can be performed.

  • Having an unprotected / not enclosed bench is not a wise play in PvP. It leaves your hard work and hard earned resources exposed and at risk. By allowing open looting on “OPEN” benches, it adds to the risk of building in this fashion, and reinforces better and more strategic gameplay. Again, if this is a harsh take, there are other options available via PvE and private.

  • Allowing open looting of benches allows for non-clanned cooperative play. Just yesterday, I was working with another non-clanned player, and was prevented from leaving a trade available for him, prevented from transfering resources safely to his unlocked chest (I do not own, therefore cannot open and place stuff), and prevented from adding gruel that I had cooked up to his wheel of pain. There is a TON of cooperative play that happens when open looting is available. To remove open looting removes this cooperative option.

  • With open looting disabled, the quickloot system has seemed to be a VERY SOMETIMES workaround option. It is not reliable, and also prevents me from luring away Talitha Goldfingers. If I have the run of someone else’s base, I really should have the option of taking an unsupervised Talitha with me. If this is harsh - PvE and private servers are options.

  • With open looting disabled, my last option for taking materials away from an enemy will require me to effectively bomb each and every bench workstation, leveling his/her production floor. Is this what we are working towards? Is this what the game design is encouraging? I would argue no. But if you leave open looting disabled, bombs away…

  • I have stated a number of points supporting the open looting of benches and workstations marked as “OPEN.” The key factor here is that if there are players that do not like open looting of benches, there are other options that are available for them: PvE and private servers. The kicker is that if you keep open looting disabled, there will be NO official server option for PvP players. Our singular option will be to play only on private servers.

Thank you for reading, and for your thoughtful consideration.

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I would just like to give you a hearty thank you for correcting this functionality with your hotfix yesterday. All is right with the PvP world again. :slight_smile:

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