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Hello guys!

I’m doing some calculation tests, using Data Science, based on the characteristics of the thralls. And I would like to take some questions. Here is an example:

This is a sample thrall

I programmed the projection with the same values as the sample above

The data obtained

The plot to illustrate the data

My calculation for the final strength was: strength * mult_melee. However, I believe that this is not correct. So I would like to know if there is any place that I can find this information or a light to follow. And, how is the melee strength bonus (image below) applied to the calculation?


I appreciate any opinions, suggestions and criticisms. Thank you ^^

Note: I am aware that there are hidden multipliers, and any information about them will be welcome.

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Did you get mult_melee and mult_vit (and others such) from the DevKit? I suspect that mult_melee is the melee attack damage multiplier, so it doesn’t apply to strength.

mult_melee I got it directly from the wiki. As for mult_vit, as I hadn’t found it, I suspected that I could get it through the calculation: Bonus Vitality / Vitality. Lian Example: 1102/10 = 110.2. Could you explain a little more about

“I suspect that mult_melee is the melee attack damage multiplier, so it doesn’t apply to strength.”


Oh, I see, my bad. Yeah, the wiki says there are hidden strength and accuracy multipliers.

The last time I tried to understand how all of this works, the consensus seemed to be that thralls had hidden multipliers that applied to the weapon damage.

STR and ACC multipliers would be similar, but through a layer of indirection. Instead of directly modifying the damage with the weapon, they modify attributes that then modify the damage.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the actual damage formula is. Perhaps one of the modders in these forums will know.

Last I remember was the mult would be of the weapon…
So for thralls
it would be
weap dmg x (multiplier x(1+ rating % of leveling)) = dmg output. But that is purely from small testing and pulling info off of dev kit tables.
So let’s say dalinsia has a 2.75 hidden mult.
with croms sword 97 I believe. She is max leveled with 50% str rating.
97 x (2.75x(1.50))
97 x (4.125)
final dmg output @400.
I have somewhere the actual combat Calc for melee dmg…if I find it I will throw it on here.

First of all thanks for the comments @CodeMage and @WhatMightHaveBeen

Could you suggest a modder? If it is not possible I will understand :grin:

I would like to discuss a little more about your formula (even if based on a few tests). It consists of:

weap dmg x (multiplier x (1+ rating% of leveling)) = dmg output

So we have:

x * (y * (1 + z)) = k


x - weap damage
y - thrall multiplier
z - rating% of leveling
k - final damage

Could you explain a little more about Z?

I will also follow the video from @Wak4863 (Thrall Strength and Damage check my math Conan Exiles 2020 - YouTube) treated in this post


Just an FYI the damage increase per point gained in strength is different now then it was in the video you mentioned.

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I may not have understood your answer, if so, I apologize.

But yes, the peculiarities will directly interfere in the calculations. However, here is just a test! My initial idea is to learn during the discovery process, I have nothing specific in mind. If, at the end of the journey, getting a script to help me with my projections, to guide my choices, would be a profit. But I am content with learning only. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information!
But would your logic to achieve it still work Wak4863?

To my knowledge, and it might have been changed. All thralls get damage bonuses from STR at the same rate per point of STR. But then you have that pesky hidden modifier. But its not actually that hidden. You don’t need the devkit to see it.

Login as an admin on a server or in singleplayer, have a thrall you want to test following you. Then type this into the console:

GetFollowerStat DamageModifierMelee

It should return a number between ~0.5 and ~2.21, and this is the damage modifier that particular thrall multiplies to damage.

This is why a high STR thrall from Exiles faction will do less damage than a low STR thrall from Votarie/Relic Hunters

Its also this number that causes very high damage numbers with Thralls compared to players. Its been nerfed within the last year. Dalinsia Snowhunter used to be set at 3.9 and now is 2.21

And it pretty much makes the stat page irrelevant when trying to calculate damage in game. As STR has only a minute effect on damage (they don’t get 2% dmg per point like we do). The fix IMO is to set all thralls to 1.0 and then redo the STR stat for them to be 2% per point. Then players will be to predict how much damage a thrall can do and see substantial increases if they decide to equip them with STR armor (right now its better to use any other Stat except for GRT, with the exception of any T4 thrall in the Votarie, Heirs of the North, Forgotten Tribe, or Relic Hunter since they have so much toughness already you might as well squeeze some extra points of dmg out of them, nothing in the vanilla game can kill them in PVE).


The calculation can still be used yes.

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I don’t know many modders, but @Taemien is one and he’s already in this thread. @Testerle and @Multigun are also modders.

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z would be the % you see for thralls str rating when you check its stats.

The damage multiplier per strenght point is 0.8% for all t4 thralls from the exiled lands map.
So the final damage is hidden multi (2.21 x (str x 0.8)) or 2.21 x % showed in melee bonus damage.

Armor per agility point is 8
HP per vitality varies.
Accuracy is the same as strenght

Pets multipliers are different but they work the same way.
For exemple. Each strenght point a tiger gain, raise his final damage by 10% (vs 0.8 from humanoid nps), it’s hidden multiplier is 1.0 and it’s damage comes from it’s “hidden” weapons.
Each pet attack Works like a weapon on devkit. For example the pounce damage is 92 damage / 9% armor pen.
So a tiger with 60 strenght may cause 644 damage with this attack on a unarmored Target.

Pode falar em português no privado se quiser =P

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