Attribute kits coming for weapons with update 2.2?

I found some kits in the admin console.
These kits can only be applied to weapons and they give +3 to a chosen attribute.
Is this a new change we can expect with 2.2?
If someone has more info, please post it here.

Just after Siptah released, those kits were showing up in chests in the Unnamed City (seemed to have a drop chance that replaced Legendary patch kits sometimes). I think I saw a comment somewhere more recently that they’d been patched back out, but I’m not sure.

(Wak also made a video about them, but I think that was focused more on what they are/how you can use them rather than whether they were supposed to be around in the first place.)

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Thanks for the info.
Would be interesting to see something similar for armors added to the game.

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