Attribute system is broken

First I wanna say that for the most part I appreciate the new attribute system introduced prior to AoS. I enjoy that I can do a STR build again. I enjoy that the build is less influenced by the armor and buffs. For example I can go with full STR and it’s always there, I don’t lose it if I lose a piece of armor or a buff wears off. You nailed it , it’s perfect. I can say the same about that aspect for all the attributes. However there are a few aspects of it that I feel are just broken. For example Agility, the buff to ranged attacks and also the stamina buff. For 1 agility should have no bearing on ranged attacks. Agility is about athleticism and not hand to eye coordination. Not every athlete can fill the pitchers or quarterbacks position. Just coz a guy can win a gold medal in gymnastics doesn’t mean he can go to the pub and win a game of darts. Also I’ve known plenty of “fat” guys that are absolutely crack shots with a bow(irl) but couldn’t run a mile or do a sit up to save their life.
Also the buff to stamina where they use less stamina for running, climbing, dodging , etc. is out of place. It belongs in Grit. But of course if that were the case then these op Agility builds wouldn’t work. Doesn’t mean it’s not broken.
And Authority. I just really wish this didn’t have such an overall impact on all the thralls and pets. For it to buff/boost a thrall/pet that is specifically following you….Ok, fine. But these thralls and pers are for the most part useless now except in PvE settings. They’re to easy to kill, even in massed numbers they hardly even slow raiders down. Perhaps they could get certain buffs or status effects for being in a “guarding” state? Just like Authority buffs them when they are actively following perhaps they could get special buffs/status effects for when they are simply guarding(I.e. not following or scouting) this way the thralls regain some degree of effectiveness AND you don’t have to completely rewrite the Authority attribute.

Just good for thought here. I know you guys work hard and your jobs entail that you take someone else plans and make them work. And that if it’s a 2 week job they expect it to be done in a week…I get it, I work for a living too. You guys are doing a great job :+1:. Respect.

Also , character customization. I’ve always felt that this is an important part of any game like this. But in this game size seems entirely aesthetic. For example tall people are usually faster than short people in the sense that their strides are longer so they can cover more ground per step, but yes they are larger so they present a larger target. So big characters =slightly faster, larger hit box versus small characters= slightly slower, smaller hit box, using the middle setting as the baseline= Medium speed, medium sized hit box.

Don’t forget the reach advantage. In a sword-fight, having longer arms than your opponent means you can stab them from a distance where they can’t touch you.

But in Conan Exiles, we’re talking about such abstract game mechanics that I don’t really see a reason to try to micro-simulate the size differences, realistic though it might be.

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Correct. The increased movement speed alone is very strong already. At least in PvP.

funcom can’t get the game balance right as is, lets not make it even more complicated.

Aside from the ascetics; like to see blemishes added. I’d like to see you start the game with 4 skill points. Start leaning your character in to their part from the beginning.

My #1 reason to play private is 350leveling. I can eventually max all skills.

I’m definitely feeling the effects on thralls.

I have no issue with thralls being ‘rebalanced’ as such , but I feel like since the ‘irritate’ perk was introduced thralls just don’t seem to even fight anymore (from an AI perspective) even to defend themselves.

They just stand there dumbly, I mean they weren’t the brightest to begin with but they do seem out of it now :laughing:

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