Attributes Bonus

How much bonus on a single attribute is it possible to accumulate? Is it possible, for example, the combo of +9 armor, +5 weapon, +3 warpaint, +3 food and +3 elixir, totaling 23 in a single attribute?

yes but food and potion don’t stack

As far as I know food buffs and elixir buff’s don’t stack. And you can only get vitality, strength and encumbrance buff from food.

And don’t forget there are Legendaries giving attribute point :wink:

armor +9 (if standard epic flawless), weapon+5, warpaint+3 and food/potion/drink+3
however, if it is accuracy you can get: armor +9, weapon+5, warpaint+3, food/potion/drink+3 + jhebbal sag hunter’s potion+8
basically if the food, portion, drink give +3 stat you can only get that stat once but if one gives +3 and the other +8 you can get both effects.

Not only, but also:

  • Mystery Meat Soup gives a survival bonus
  • Cooked Groper gives a +3 Agi and a +3 Accuracy

Is this a new rare fish from the improved fish trap? Haven’t seen this one.

yep. the new traps can catch them as well as a few more buff fish types.

yep, it is.

Informations I reported are from anyway :wink:

Wiki article on that Groper indicates it hasn’t been implemented yet :thinking:

Honestly I’m not sure, because the only times I captured new fishes I used them to decorate my walls, this evening I will check if it was one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: even if gamepedia says it’s not implemented yet I captured one, so it’s in game :wink:

search the cooked one? check the “food” page. i have personally tested and updated that one. with so many pages it is hard to keep all up to date

No, the raw one, the ingredient for cooked.

feel free to update the page. it is a community project after all. i mentioned where you could find what you are looking for:

Little extra infos =>

  • Some of the legendary armors from the UnNamed City give +3 stats (care, you can’t currently repair them :o )
  • Bearer pack => +5 encumbrance
  • Witchdoctor mask => +10 surv

to me there is way too many bonus point, and i even think it’s due to that we have mono-build meta

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