Attributes used for Survival?

Do we know anymore about how the Survival Attribute will be incorporated into Update 3.0?

I’m keen to go north but still early 30 level yet want to tame a Sabretooth.

I know Survival is a big thing for going into the cold region.

Id have to check again, but pretty sure survival is gone. Then again temp issues are way lower than they used to be, now you just need an easy farmable set you can get from the mounds

Not sure it has been mentioned anywhere, but tbh i wonder 3 things…
What attribute bonus will have the items that now give survival bonus (some r hard to obtain -like lets say witch doctor mask in exiled lands)
What attributes the armours that now offer survival (some of which is part of paid packages-dlcs- and have been advertised as giving the specific attribute bonuses) will give after update 3.0
And the 3rd question… Will the already crafted,looted ,found,harvested item will change to depict the new equivalent of what they used to offer?( For a example an already owned witch doctor mask or an already crafted pictish brave armour ,or an asura looted armour, will they be changed to provide the same equivalent of attributes as they were providing before 3.0 or the players that have them (harvested or crafted) will be left with them serving no purpose???

The 3rd question is the one really baffling my mind for now , but the others r not less important…

So maybe FC can shed some light on this (or if i somehow missed their statement about this can anyone indicate me where to get these answers)??


Here is the recap thread of the 3.0 dev stream

What you are most interested in is that Survival is now mixed with Encumbrance to a new attribute called Expertise (pending approval).

Unless I’m missing something, there is nothing planned to tame temperature problems which maybe oversight or maybe planned. It is unknown if they will reduce temperature effects more or not in 3.0 (@AndyB ?)

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@erjoh if the dev recap is for me its not a good answer… is there the answer in there of what i am asking ? (apologies if it is)

What i have seen officially is that they will not add to attributes but provide some functional aspect to you (IE a plus to strength on a weapon would equate to an increase in damage). However I have tried to press this matter to see if we can get any insight but nothing has come out of that yet. IE is there just going to be a straight equation to the attribute to functional advantage (all pluses to strength will move to damage increases) or will we see more complexity in it (like some strength armor may just help you carry more stuff). Nothing has come back yet. This leans me towards either they are still trying to figure this out or are working at it. If they are still trying to figure it out, then I suspect we will see just 7 different functional bonuses equivalent to the attributes they are linked to (find/replace feature) since it’s getting too late to do anything more complex than that by deadline. If they are working at it already but afraid to comment, this is leaning me towards the complex method of going through each piece of gear individually and hoping that monster of a project is going to get done in time.

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Temperature hasnt really been an issue in a long time, which is sad. Im hoping one of these days temperature effects get worse(like they used to be). and maybe more weather effects that actually affect things.

Requiring some line of survival would surley help break the 100%combat/100% crafter builds that are ran non stop

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