Au/Nz oceania wiped today! PC - PVP - no gods - modded

Zynarus Rising FRESH WIPE 4/5 PVP 24/7 3 x base xp X10 X5 PIPPI CALAMI kits active admins starter area

Just wiped! 4th May. Australia/New Zealand (Au/Nz, Oceania) (
24x7 PvP
No gods
x5 XP, x10 Harvest
fast crafting/conversion
no building decay/durability loss

The full mod list is:
Age of Calamitous
Savage Steel
Improved QoL
Skelos (Warrior Mutator)
Better Thralls
Slightly Less Thrall Placement
Exiled Lands Improved

Admin are currently setting up Tavern area and kits/currency etc. Hop on and claim whatever spot you want. They’re all free as of today! Weekly events will be held.
Friendly, active admin. Everyone welcome!