Au revoir (and thanks for all the fish)


Je vais manquer tous les Tilteases et la passion que t’as pu investire dans TSW et SWL, mais j’imagine que ce changement pour toi est pour le mieux! Je te souhaite du positif et plus important du bonheur dans le nouveau chapitre de ta vie ( et oui, j’ai bien dit nouveau chapitre, pas nouvelle saison) :wink:

I’m sure you’ll be kicking ■■■ and taking names with whatever comes next, hopefully, we’ll hear about what that is in the near future. :slight_smile: Take care and thanks for all the hard work, passion, dedication and sense of adventure you channeled through your interactions with the community and the game itself.

Squee’ek uh’k kk’kkkk squeek eee’eek! (That was Dolphin for your welcome)


Thanks for all your hard work, and all the best with your future ventures!


Hate to see you go, dude. I know Durham isn’t Paris, but I’d put North Carolina’s IPAs up against France’s wine any day. Plus, the incredible music from the Triangle! I’m just saying, you might want to rethink this.


Farwell allmighty Tilty and good luck :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


Although many criticisms were made after the announcement of SWL, I will never forget all your energy on the memorable Call of the Nameless, which is by far my favorite issue. Thank you for that. I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.


Certainly a hard job and one done to the best of his abilities. Best wishes for the future,

However I have to think this indicates that Season 2 hasn’t generated the early revenue that Funcom were looking for and the future development of SWL is likely to have been affected. I suppose we will find out at the next quarterly financials.


I don’t think this is the reason. The decision leave had to be made months or at least weeks ago.

Thanks Tilty for your work and patience. I can imagine it had to be tough work and you had to make a lot of really difficult and probably painful decisions and compromises. In fact, you have my respect you have stayed so long and did not burn out.

I hope new game director wil have same passion and will be able to deal with probably enormous pressure from suits above you and SWL will not loose more of its uniqueness. Personally I am little afraid about this, but I hope I am only paranoid.


Thank you for your immense contribution, passion and dedication to the game, I know that this must have been a difficult decision to make. Also a big thank you for taking the time to be interviewed on Beyond the Veil, it was always fun to “interrogate” you about PVP and hearing your reaction to keyboard players :smile:

I wish you all the best for the future and I am sure this wont be the last we hear of you! Take care and enjoy the break WHILE YOU CAN!


Keyboard players. God I felt like I was some type of freak of nature when I was complaining about reticle in the SWL Beta cause I played TSW for 5 years without even using the mouse 99% of the time.


We have Tilty to thank for that change Drenneth :slight_smile:


I still play with keyboard :smiley:


Thanks for all your work here, Tilty! Good luck with whatever it is you’re off to next! Maybe we’ll see you around later when that’s ready to come check out. Or you could always drop by here when you get to missing those crazy bees and their creepy crazy secret world.


It is sad you are leaving. Thank you for all the work, that we casuals could play the game. And I wish you all the good for the future.


I don’t know the depth of your creations on TSW/SWL; but thank you for all you have done in bringing a game to fruition. Definitely an award winning title in spectacular fashion. Don’t know if the banana hammock dancer was attributed ( I digress with each viewing) ugh; yet bravo to you and your rewards; your accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Thank You


Tilty! So sad to see you go! I really enjoyed the content you put into the game as lead, especially Beneath You It Eats Its Name.

Great fortune to you in your future endeavors.


It’s definitely sad to hear that you’re leaving but, I have to say in that you’ve made a great, positive impact on SWL. The transition from TSW to SWL was a very risky venture and one that I believe worked out for the better. To wherever you may land next I know that things will work out greatly for you.


It occurred to me yesterday, how does Twitch user InappropriateTiltyCrush feel about this? Has anyone bothered about their feelings? They must be utterly DEVASTATED! :persevere:


I wasn’t sure whether I should write something or not, since the public opinion in this thread has been stated quite clearly: You will be missed dearly (<-- rhyming not intended but kind nice, though) and I’m just one of these public voices, no more or less. But then again you are one of those few people who, for me, represent this game I love so much. You are a face I have seen in so many Twitch Videos, a voice I have listened to (and smiled about that cute French accent, which always reminded me of my visits to Marseille and L’Alsace) and therefor, though it might be just another “Goodbye!” -post, it is there:

Dear Tilty,
I just wish you the very best, wherever you decided to go and I promise that, for me (at least) you’ll always be part of the Secret World that you helped creating. So the thanks goes to you and the fish, well… we can share those as long as they’re rolled in rice and wrapped in Nori. <3
Au revoir, meilleurs sentiments et bonne continuation!


Thanks for the work you put in during your time here.