Auctioning off AO Alien Invasion Signed Poster

Since many years I own a signed Alien Invasion poster, signed by the Devs at the time at Funcom.

I’ve decided to auction this poster now on ebay. If anyone is interested, you can view and bid on the auction here:

Please note that shipping costs may be high, considering that it would be sent as a rolled poster, especially outside the EU.

At any moderators:
I couldn’t find any rule against this sort of “advertisement” - if it’s not welcome, please excuse my post and remove it :slight_smile:

You mean you got one yourself and looked at it today? :wink:

That it is indeed! :smiley:
Sometimes the universe acts in funny ways.

Yeah its pretty cool :sunglasses:
He’s too far away to Pick it up with the car by myself xD

Mensch khuri, würdest du nich so weit weg wohnen tät ich es direkt abholen xD

Looked great on my wall for a long time. Moved though and no more room for it now.

@Awex: Versandkosten sind angegeben für Deutschland und Europa. Versand ist leider etwas höher, da DLH extra verlangt für Posterversand.