Aug 2 Update has killed my game

Game mode: Single-player
Problem: game now fails to start
Region: usa

PS4 version: game has been playing perfectly, until I installed the August 2 update. Now my game fails during start-up. I get error code 34878-0. When I try to start the game, The loading bar looks like it gets to about 90 % complete and then I get this error message. Yesterday the game was fine- I played for several hours. After installing the update this morning- my game won’t load. I am 60 level with much work. I will not start over. Please fix this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hi, make a copy! on a USB drive before anything else, for me one time fix was just deleting the save game lunch the game, exit, copy back the save(not the settings) and it worked.

How do you do that on a PS4?

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