Aus based friendly PS4 PVE server with more

Hi Crew,
Looking for players to join a currently low population PVE PS4 server named AU Westcoast
we have higher than official xp rates but not ridiculous, as well as 3x harvest.
Purge settings are activated but only for set weekday AUS evenings and weekends.

We are currently working on a PVE-C raid event for players to enjoy raiding an admin constructed fortress filled with goodies :wink:

for further enquiries please feel free to message here or the PSN page named Conan Exiles West Aus, otherwise you can contact myself on the PSN id Nixxy9001 or just simply jump on the server and we’ll see you there :slight_smile:


So is it mainly pvp or both pve I’m interested psn is ranjore1987

Hi Ranjore. Just to clarify the server is a PVE server, what we are planning is a PVP event raiding a specific admin built fortress. the PVP will be restricted to the one location.

Hi sorry it took so long yes I’m intrested in joining if you are looking