AUS / NZ Daedalus Gaming - Fixed Stations, Traps and Wheels

I have currently set up an AUS / NZ server and with the bugs at the moment numbers have dwindled. I have now fixed the issues with thrall wheels, traps, stations, etc and looking at getting the numbers back up.

Server Location:

Sydney Australia

Most people that were on the server / still are on the server are friendly, we like PVP, raiding, etc but aren’t douches about it. We usually help the lower players get up to a level where they can start raiding us to create more PVP.

Server Goals:

100% Up-Time
Reliable and dedicated admins
Friendly/Fun Environment
Low Latency

Current Mods: None (unless something that is helpful comes up without changing the way the vanilla conan works this will not change)

I will be leaving double XP going for the week to assist anyone who is moving to a new server as well as the respawn rate staying at 2x. When we get more member I will also setup clan channels on discord.

If you have any questions hit me up on steam: SgtSparraGump