AUS/NZ Server with PIPI/AOC - (2x EXP/Harvest)

Looking for More players!
Connection Info:
Server Name: AUS/NZ Server with PIPI/AOC - (2x EXP/Harvest)
Started 4/7/18
PVP server

AUS Host: Kyles528, My general hours of play are 4pm-10pm Mon-Fri and all day Sat/Sun
NZ Admin: Tempertibbs

Server Description: This server is relaxed with 2x harvest/XP rate, Combat PVP enabled at all times and building PVP restricted to certain times.

What server will offer

  • Weekly events
  • Active Host/Admin with strong support
  • Open poles with 80% rate for any changes to be made

Any questions, please swing me a question anytime.(edited)
Mod list is as follows
-Pippi - User & Server Management
-The Age of Calamitous

Bump, holding event this Sunday for players, come join server, this event will suit new or older players, will be fun and have some cool cosmetic rewards.

Please use direct connect for now. It doesn’t show in oceanic list , but will be fixed tonight once everyone is offline

It’s host stream line servers, max speed upgrades and Brisbane AUS hosted