Australian PvE Conflict Server - 24hr PvP, Indestructable Bases, Boosted + Mods

AU Camel Punchers

We are a low pop Sydney based server looking for new players.

Server is stable and responsive with daily restarts (early morning) and fast updates. We run a selection of quality of life and aesthetic mods (all tested and stable) see the full list below.

Camel Puncher AU Mods Collection

We are currently a small layed back community having fun while re-exploring the game after a looong break. Server settings and mod selection is open for discussion within community as and if it grows.

Come join us for some fun.

RP’ers and new players welcome.

Hosted by Streamline Servers - excellent service and stability- (tried and tested… we have been running Ark servers with these guys for a year and we will never use another host)

We also have 2 experienced admins happy to provide support if needed.