"Authentication Error" (2023.02.25)

Yes, this method will eventually work.

EDIT: Why would we need a funcom patch for this? It’s a server-side platform service. Most platforms like these have service panels where features can be checked on/off or re-routed. Not sure why you’d need a patch of any kind or API checks… Again I don’t know much about playfab and Microsoft in general makes some broken crap but…

Well I don’t know much about Playfab but if that’s the case it’s a piss poor platform. As far as I can tell it’s checking for a legitimate copy of CE and failing, probably due to a chokepoint or maybe someone didn’t move some certs/keys over before the expired. Disabling that check for the short term would allow illegitimate copies to connect while disabled but would also allow your revenue stream to connect too yeah?

The main issue still remains, If funcom disables the use of PlayFab, it will take them days to change the APIs, resulting in us getting a patch, once MS fixes it, they need to change everything back, more days… and another patch. WHy not just wait for MS to get their sh*t together?

:frowning: while it did get me in I was unable to move so it was ultimately pointless :frowning:

I am in on our server, along with others, and it works fine.

Desde quando o CONAN foi atualizado para 3.0 estou relatando sobre este problema porém acontecia somente do Brasil e me parecia que as pessoas não se importava com este problema. Agora que estão todos AFK e OFF-LINE estão vendo que estava certo ao tentar avisar isso a todos sobre o servidor oficial 1977 e sempre alguém fica dizendo para informar o zendesk porém o problema é maior que eles pensa tanto que agora somos todos desconectados.

Algo está muito errado com o CONAN e chegou junto com a atualização de 3.0 SORCERY tem algo errado e também vejo que me parece ser algo interligado justamente com o sistema de verificação a mesma que contem os resgates da twitch me parece que estão se complicando nas programações para manter os itens do sorcery que são diferentes de DLC :face_with_monocle:


good to know, I shall retry the direct connection

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Not everyone uses Steam for this game either. People cannot play this game and its been 12+ hours. this unacceptable. quit trying to defend BS.

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Not recommending disabling playfab as a whole! that WOULD take days or perhaps weeks… nah man, just that function within Playfab…

Funcrom does not care for the whining of petty mortals.

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What kind of evil sorcerer are you? O_o

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Congrats! I’ve been trying since before I first posted and it’s not letting me connect to ours…

I retried the direct connection from the command console and I am in and its functional.

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You’re right, you just don’t have the support you need. and sad to see lucid alerts being ignored.

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There you go. Enjoy and don’t crash :smiley:

I am unable to log in to my Official server.

  1. The server list page indicates 4 people are logged in on the server (1940). Is this accurate, are people currently able to log in to the official servers?

  2. Battlemetrics lists the server as “dead”, is this inaccurate?

  3. Can we get a FUNCOM job aid sticky on the Forum to obtain our server IP address, and then log in?

How can i enter the console to use the command?

Happening every time I try to logon not intermittent for me, how about a bag of legendary armour and legendary weapon repair kits :slightly_smiling_face:

Past few hours, and that aligns? Not for me. I’m going on 24 hours here.


Yeah, they will never do that :stuck_out_tongue: