"Authentication Error" (2023.02.25)

I wouldn’t mind if my bases weren’t about to dissappear because the decay time is about to expire lol. And yes, I played in the 90s too. We have the possibility to save our games at will. No problem with the 90s games. 80s games are another story lol

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As for one who played EQ back in early 2ks servers were down for weeks/month after Luclin addon came out took them 2 months to figure the issue before they fixed it. I ended up creating chars on 7 different servers as each went down lvling up to about 30 (this was when there were still hell lvls) so this even though frustrating (extreemly so for PVPers) is nothing compared to that.

I have over 6k hrs in CE and 1k hrs on testlive back when they were deciding how to deal with pets/thralls and fishtraps. just recently got Siptah and would like to play just like everyone else it will happen when it happens.

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A hobby where ppl sink hundreds of hours in. It is baffling me that you would say something like that, what? just because it is a hobby that we are not supposed to complain?

There are pvp servers where ppl’s bases could get raided and most of them can’t even join. the lucky few that could make it in are the ones running those servers rn like everywhere is free loot pinata for them.

Most ppl are complaining because funcom isn’t even doing anything to rectify the situation, like fixing the issue is one thing, doing things to mitigate the damage is another. In this case they could shutdown all pvp/pvp-c servers for the time being or deactivate pvp, all the while freezing the decay time for all servers but they are not even doing that.

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Connectivity issues have been resolved on consoles but we’re still seeing Steam and PC versions showing Authentication errors.
Current workaround is keep attempting to connect, which will allow access.
We’re continuing to work on the issue.
Thank you again for your patience.

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Right, I get that, but this is 2023. While I’m sure it’s not as easy as a plug-and-play kinda deal we have more tech and more educated staff. Also, a little more communication would be nice. (if they have been talking and I just missed it, my bad)

edit: seems they have said something on facebook~

Sim você tem razão! O passe de batalha está sendo lançado sobre BUGs que já existem há vários que ainda não foram resolvidos como a DLC Riders Of Hyboria que foi ajustado somente após meu reporte aqui e mesmo assim foi muito difícil de conseguir abaixo está o filme que se criou sobre o assunto. A funcom sempre demora para resolver algo que está atrapalhando mas resolve o problema é a velocidade do feedback importante da comunidade chegar até a pessoa que resolva de fato o problema

Seems worse now. Have tried about 60 times to get into my server.

“We don’t know what’s wrong. Keep trying and maybe the problem will magically fix itself?”

Nice to see they have their A-team working on resolving this issue.

Yep, i’ve tried over 50 times as well, it seems to have gotten harder to get in.

Wow. For the first time Consoles…WIN!!


26th of february 2023, 16.50 and still unable to log in on the servers I play on.

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Depende do ponto de como você olha isto ou “ponto de vista”… Sim pode ser o fim do mundo para quem está dentro do mundo de CONAN mas para a realidade é um alerta para as pessoas que confia de mais em sua conexão. Imagine se tudo estivesse sendo resolvido em tempo real por parte da funcom com certeza o tempo de queda das bases sera menos que a metade que já está. O tempo de queda de base é para evitar que qualquer base se quebre durante o tempo AFK ou Off-Line por isso que o tempo é de apenas uma semana. Repare que quando tem uma atualização grande o tempo sempre vai ficar maior e assim que estabiliza o tempo retorna para uma semana novamente.
Dica @Funcom_Community Recomendo que todos exceto PVP aprenda fazer login no mínimo uma vez por dia para não ter a chance de perder suas bases e reinos completos para alguns novatos por apenas ter a sorte de conexão em um servidor instável de autenticação.

I still cannot get in via steam, I have backed up files, and authenticated several times too, but still not got in for over 2 days now.

I have managed to get into the single player game, just not into the server I usually play on.

Far from “solved”, as it seems.

I have my own server but I am also getting this failure. :frowning:

Tenho uma dica para quem está sobre esta situação e tem algum item resgatado via Twitch DROP ou via Sorcery desde de emote até mesmo construção. A sincronização ocorre justamente para verificar os mesmo itens portanto se consegue fazer o login e tem qualquer itens do bazar, DROPS Twitch e também o passe de batalha com certeza consegue se conectar usando o comando direto na tela de menu

I am playing through Steam. It has never been on and off for me as others have claimed. I’ve tried all the methods to fix it on my end that I’ve found online. going on 3 days of not being able to get on the official server I’m playing on, so hope this gets fixed soon before my stuff times out

I’m still getting the same error since friday, come on guys, this is a disaster.

Yeah is just their standardt PR answer.