Authentication failed, please check your password and try again

Is anyone else having issues logging into their accounts from the website? I have a number of accounts and was able to login just fine last night, however upon waking up this morning, I am getting " Authentication failed, please check your password and try again " when trying to login to any of my accounts. The game logins are working just fine, its just the account page login thats not working. The passwords have most assuredly not changed. This is leading me to believe there’s a problem FC’s end, is this something anyone here has insight on, common occurrence? I opened a support ticket already but figured I’d have a better chance of getting insight here while waiting. Funcom #1145209

So an update, I put my phone on the LTE network and tried logging in, and it worked. So what is going on? Am I going to have to use a VPN now just to login to my accounts?

I had a similar issue trying to log into the account page. It worked on my phone but not my home network. I changed my DNS settings to use Google DNS and it magically worked. Turned out when I downloaded and setup CoD MW it tweaked some settings. Everything is working now.

for what its worth, I cleared cache in chrome, and made sure to clear it “from the beginning of time”. Login is working now

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