Authentication failed, please check your password and try again

I’m trying to update my accounts information and i get that message when i try to log in in this site
I can enter in my accounts in game with no problem.
Is that an issue with the page or there is a limit of accounts you can log per day?

yeah, there is
the limit between of which of how many account you would logg in there
means if you logg more than 4-5 different accounts by acc page youll get locked
you are kind of lucky anyway since before this bugg * or maybe special feature it was locking out back for months in old days,
for future revelence just dont logg more than 3-4 different accounts in one day - maybe longer - since im having like few that i all pay for - sub + sometimes FC points and when i logged in simultenously across all them few times cause wasnt sure what i purchased and payed for it locked me - but it was ok next day after - not like in past days - literally that was truth im sayin …

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