Authentication server cant connect

Yesterday i changed my 4G network on my mobile phone and since i cant log into age of conan game.
When i write login and password i stay stuck at authentication server message and cant log in game.
Login and password are correct.
I also launched the patcher and tryed log from it but i have same authentication server message stuck and still cant log in game.
so its all about the 4G network change.
What setting must i do for fix that problem.
Its sad coz i subed its like 5 days and lost a day already.
Tyvm for all the help you can give me for fix that connection problem.

Sadly that sounds like an issue between your provider and Funcom. Easiest solution is to get a VPN (it’s less hassle than changing provider but achieves the same).

If not, you may be able to mess around with network settings on your side but it’s complicated and don’t expect miracles even then. It’s very common for providers to block certain usages over mobile internet.

Tyvm for try to help me Biglouis.

Well im still not able to connect in game after many days now.
The good point is im just going lose that 10 dollar$ of the subscription what isnt the end of the world lol.
i was planing to buy all 4 DLC + max inv for all my characters but now its no more possible coz i cant connect in game.
I canceled my subscription from the account management coz the technical issue.
Funcom just going lose these few more dollar$ and they dont even answered to my thread on support section what is funny lol.
But funcom dont care i guess.
Time to uninstall the game for make more space for a new MMO.

By Xanthus !!!

Im back with the answer and going give it for help any players who might have the same problem as me.

You must set the APN on your phone that depend your 4G provider but its about IP4 / IP6.

Then updat the same settings on your network proprity from control panel of windows.

After that you can play again.

Funcom you going have my dollar$ :dollar: :moneybag: